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New Marketing Strategy for Enessco International

Enessco has taken a new approach to lower costs to our previous customers.

We are NOW SELLING DIRECT, with a cost savings of 20%

What we have found over the last 15 years of Enessco applications is that:

  • Enessco application is simple – operators place a 5# bag or two into the pulper.
  • Results are simple – improvements are ALWAYS
    • PM operators always notice the difference, usually within a day or two of the start of a trial.
    • Sheet appearance always improves. Sticky black spots disappear.
    • Productivity increases – Speeds increase and downtime is decreased.
    • Yield of recycle increases – usually 1 or 2 point increase.
    • Chemical Sticky and wash up programs are eliminated or reduced.
    • Lower quality recycle is now able to be used without issues.

We realized all these results are areas the mill is already monitoring. It never required an Enessco sales technician to point out any of these results. They were that obvious.


Decrease our cost by Digital marketing, eliminating sales commissions, ordering larger volumes of raw materials,  and selling direct. We now would like to offer Enessco at a lower price and allow the mill to take care of application and evaluation. There are several chemicals that are treated this way now, for example, caustic, starch, polymers, clothing and equipment cleaning. Specialty chemicals are now less “special” therefore the cost should be less as well.

Naturally we would give technical support on startups or any ongoing operational questions. We are simply allowing the mill to do what they do best. Run the operation with the tools they have at hand.

If you are having problems with Stickies and are interested in using Enessco, contact us