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Papermill Using Recycled Paper OCC Unsorted


With the current unstable circumstances of Covid 19 many large offices have now suspended operations and many are working from home. This has caused an unprecedented shortage on good quality recycle wastepaper. Competition for quality wastepaper has accelerated. Mills are now forced to use lower quality recycle that cause paper quality and operating problems because of larger amounts of inks and stickies. Enessco customers worldwide have for over 20 years economically overcome these issues with a one of a kind pulper chemistry that increases the removal of stickies and ALL hydrophobic contaminants by enhancing existing stock prep equipment efficiency. Removal is key in producing problem free, quality furnish to the paper machine and improving papermill process water quality.  Enessco is formulated to increase the removal of stickies. No other chemical program can do this.

Normal collection sites and practices are closed. Availability of higher quality recycle such as clean Old Corrugating Containers (OCC), Sorted Office Pac (SOP) or sorted Office Waste (SOW) has decreased substantially. Prices, due to low supply and high demand have risen. Lower grade OCC and unsorted wastepaper are now the norm. With this comes high loadings of contaminants, stickies and ink creating decreased levels of quality, production and yield. Profitability of many papermills has dropped.

Enessco has a proven solution. Typically, there is an ample per ton difference in cost between high and low grades of recycle raw materials. By adding $1 to $3  treatment cost, dependent upon grade and contaminant loading, to lower cost furnishes, raw material costs remain below budget levels. Substituting even 10% of good quality material with treated lower cost furnish will result in cost savings without causing paper machine runnability issues. Good Recycle supply is solved.

Enessco works with every recycle grade. We have run in mills in China, Pakistan, Dubai, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Turkey, Europe, South Africa, Chile, Peru, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada, US and other countries. For over 20 years Enessco has proven itself in Deinking and Brown recycle mill operations. It is our only product. Enessco works every time, guaranteed!