Production Enhancement Technology

Product Fact Sheet:

  • Patented Technology Effectively Releases and Stabilizes Contaminants, Liberating Fiber
  • Substantial Yield Increases due to Improved Screening and Cleaning Efficiency
  • Improved Stickies & Wax Removal resulting in Higher Quality Furnish
  • Control of Process Water “Micro Stickies” improves Paper Machine & Converting productivity
  • Low Cost control of Wire, Felt, and Dryer Fabric deposition
  • Removal of Wax/Contaminants results in improved Sheet Appearance, Strength and Slide Angle
  • FDA Approved, Non-Hazardous/Non-Toxic, Environmentally friendly!

Product Description:
ENESSCO S 1000 is an advanced Production Enhancement technology that maximizes Paper Machine and Converting production efficiencies. ENESSCO S 1000 is a worldwide patented blend of surfactants and inorganic chemicals. This technology effectively modifies surface-active forces between the Fiber and the Wax & Stickies adhering to the fiber. Stickies & Wax are effectively liberated from usable fiber.

ENESSCO S 1000 treated contaminants are more efficiently removed by mechanical screens, centri-cleaners, and water clarification equipment. This results in reduced levels of Macro/Micro stickies and wax in the processed pulp. Surface passivation of remaining contaminants inhibits system wide deposition.

ENESSCO S 1000’s reduction and control of contaminates leads to cleaner forming sections, press felts and dryer section fabrics. Stock Preparation yield improves substantially as screening and cleaning unit operations are able to disseminate valuable fiber from contaminants more efficiently. Greater production efficiencies, improve quality and reduced downtime are the primary benefits of this unique patented technology.

Wax removal by ENESSCO S 1000 results in significant sheet quality, slide angle and strength test improvements. Cost savings are realized through the increase in premium production, cull reduction & reduction of chemicals.

The use of eliminating Thermal Dispersers will greatly reduce the overall cost of mill operations and not only save steam but energy.

Use of a lesser grade of furnish such as DLK and still meeting all specifications will provide mills paybacks of up to 3 : 1

Brown Grades, News Print:
Reduce stickies
Eliminate Wax spots
Increase production up to 8%
Eliminate Machine Deposition
Eliminate the need for Thermal Disperser
Improve white water quality
Reduce overall mill energy cost

The proper dosage rate for ENESSCO S 1000 depends on quality of recycled furnish and final pulp specifications. A normal feedrate is 0.7-0.9 dry lbs. per ton of recycled fiber at the repulper. Product is delivered in dry or liquid form and can be packaged in repulpable bags sized for batch applications. Continuos operations typically use liquid product.

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