Advanced Deinking Technoloogy

Product Fact Sheet:

  • Reduces dirt, and often reduces caustic, silicates, chelating agents & bleach
  • Controls Micro & Macro stickies via patented passivation/agglomeration technology
  • Improves brightness up to 3 points without the use of bleach
  • Improves softness of sheet with no addition of extra chemicals
  • Reduces Polymer costs associated with process water clarification & sludge dewatering
  • Cost-Effective in Flotation and Washing Deinking Processes
  • FDA Approved, Non-Hazardous/Non-Toxic/AL

Product Description:
ENESSCO D 2000 is an advanced deinking technology that improves tissue mills and deink plant performance substantially. ENESSCO D 2000 is a worldwide patented blend of inorganic chemicals. Operating at a neutral or alkaline pH, ENESSCO D 2000 effectively modifies surface active forces to work synergistically with mechanical pulping processes to release ink and modify stickies. Inks/stickies are then stabilized to inhibit redeposition on the fiber.

ENESSCO D 2000 avoids over dispersion of ink particles resulting in more efficient washing and higher pulp brightness. Flotation chemistry is enhanced and results in lower final dirt counts. ENESSCO effectively deinks under a wide range of conditions and allows facilities to reduce caustic, chelants, and other chemicals from the deinking recipe.

ENESSCO has a proven record of modifying stickies contaminants that can more efficiently be removed by mechanical screens, cleaners, and water clarification equipment. This results in lower levels of Macro/Micro stickies in the processed pulp. ENESSCO D 2000’s reduction of contaminates leads to improved machine efficiencies, lower chemical costs, & less downtime.

Other ENESSCO processing advantages include stronger & cleaner recycled pulps, a reduction of process water colloidal trash, and impressive quality and production gains.

Major tissue producers are seeing not only improvement in brightness and softness but better run ability on the Yankee and at the converter. Also total elimination of solvents can be seen when using ENESSCO.

Tissue Mills, Deink Plants:
Reduce other chemicals in the mill or plant.
Improve waste treatment operations.
Eliminate solvent usage
Improve brightness
Increase end product softness
Better converter operations