Selling in the world markets

Enessco International has been selling commercially in the paper industry worldwide for over 18 years. During this time the company has accumulated a substantial body of evidence to support its many and varied claims on the performance of its products. Our technology is now in use in many of the worlds leading Tissue and Board mills and any mill using recycled fiber or dinked pulp.



Enessco International

Enessco International concentrates on developing environmentally friendly products for the paper industry. Our technology can not only improve your sheet but save your mill a great deal of  money!



Low Dosage

Enessco products have low dosage requirements and operate at neutral pH. Many papermakers are coming to accept this as the most cost effective and environmentally beneficial way of de-inking secondary fibers and treating wax, stickies and contaminant issues. It is simply added at the pulper and will also help in cleaning up your water loop, a big advantage in machine runnability. Our product works fast and is much less costly than enzyme related processes




Our process as well as our formulations are unique and are patented or patent applied for.



Technical Department

The staff in our Technical Department have years of field experience in the pulp and paper industry and have been actively involved in the development and refinement of our products. See our video on the products page on how the Enessco works.



Total Service

Supported throughout the world by agents and distributors we can give effective support and guidance of the highest quality to the paper industry. We at Enessco International are constantly striving to find the best agents and distributors world wide.

Advanced Deinking Technoloogy

Contaminate Control Technology

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